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Cracking Pixar's Easter eggs: 'Monsters, Inc.' edition

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Helping you find the hidden images sprinkled throughout the movieBy Kate ErblandSpecial to MSN MoviesModern cinema's most beloved animation house, Pixar Animation Studios, has spent over three decades (did you know Pixar was first founded as part of the computer division at Lucasfilm, way back in 1979?) inventing and implementing new computer programs and systems and using them to make some of the best animated films the world has ever seen. Pixar's fourteen feature productions have proven to be both consistently critically and commercially successful, and that success no doubt due to their unwavering attention to detail and their willingness to have a whole heck of a lot of fun with their often very different narratives. Bing: More about 'Monsters, Inc.' | More about 'Monsters University'Pixar has a long and healthy relationship with so-called "Easter eggs," little hidden nuggets that pepper their films, made up of inside jokes, references to their other productions, nods to Pixar employees, or even just sly shout-outs to some of the geekier sides of their craft. Pixar's love of Easter eggs also adds an extra layer to their already-clever films, weaving in pieces of narrative from other films to further the idea that every character in their films is living in some special Pixar universe (for the sake of our personal happiness, let's ignore the implications of "Cars" existing in said universe). Pixar's fourth feature film, "Monsters, Inc.," is no different, as the 2001 release comes complete with Easter eggs of every shape and color, including now-classic inside jokes and nods to upcoming films sure to still give its audience the warm and fuzziest. With the sequel to the film, "Monsters University," hitting theaters this week, we wanted to look back at some of the best (and smartest!) Easter eggs in "Monsters, Inc.," some of which may give us an idea of what we can anticipate finding tucked away in the newest Pixar feature.What's your favorite Pixar Easter egg from "Monster's, Inc."? Tell us on our MSN Movies Facebook page and on Twitter. (Disney/Pixar)
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