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Dances With Films Announces 2014 Lineup, Distribution for Award Winners


By Jeff Sneider

Los Angeles-based film festival Dances With Films has announced its 2014 lineup and this year's grand jury prize and audience awards winners will receive theatrical distribution and/or VOD distribution.

DWF's competition feature Audience Award winner will receive a theatrical distribution commitment of one week at the Arena Cinema, while the Grand Jury Award winner will receive a VOD distribution deal with Gravitas Ventures. The short Grand Jury Award and Audience Award winners will both receive Oscar-qualifying runs from Laemmle Theaters.

This year's festival, which runs from May 29 – June 8 at Hollywood's Chinese Theaters, celebrates 100+ independent films and boasts Laemmle Theaters and new Hollywood exhibitor Arena Cinema. 

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DWF is honored to have producer Steve Tisch as the newest member of its esteemed Advisory Board.  A partner at Escape Artists and the Chairman and executive VP of the New York Giants, Tisch is the only person with both an Academy Award and a Super Bowl ring, having won an Oscar for producing "Forrest Gump."

DWF's Advisory Board also includes Cindy Cowan, Jonathan Dana, Steve Elzer, Kevin Kasha, Eriq La Salle, Michael Lehmann, Mike Macari, Valerie McCaffrey, Mark V. Olsen, Joel Ordesky, Mark Ordesky, Melissa Orlen, Will Scheffer, Hilton Smith, David Spiegelman and Steve Wegner.

Since 1998, DWF has dedicated itself to finding tomorrow's talent today, mandating that all competitive films have no known actors, writers, directors or producers.

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"Giving these warriors the exposure that their talent, drive, and sacrifice deserve is what DWF has always been about and our belief in our filmmakers is rewarded year after year. Just last year, 8 features were picked up for distribution at the fest," said co-founder Leslee Scallon, whose festival now draws more than 12,000 attendees.

 Gravitas Ventures, Escape Artists, Ease Entertainment Services, CAA, The Lot, SagIndie, Final Draft, Movie Magic, VER, KPFK, OHM Night Club, Cabotella Beer, Demidoff Vodka, Lucky Strike, Southern Wine & Spirits, Audio Rents, as well as the Loews Hollywood Hotel. 

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The full lineup is below:

A NEW YORK LOVE STORY - WRITER/DIR: Apolla Echino; PRODS: Justin Ruane, Lara Myrene, Apolla Echino
BEING AWESOME - WRITER/DIR: Allen C. Gardner; PRODS: Gabe Arredondo, Allen C. Gardner, Matthew Stiller, Drew Smith, Lou Griffith
THE BULLY CHRONICLES - WRITER/DIR: Amy S. Weber; PRODS: Amy S. Weber, Jeffrey D. Spilman, Danny Roth
DRUID PEAK - WRITER/DIR: Marni Zelnick; PRODS: Julie Buck, Dana Morgan, Jeff Petriello, Maureen Mayer
FRANK VS. GOD - WRITER/DIR: Stewart Schill; PRODS: Scott Schill, Alan Pruzan
HARD SUN - DIRECTOR: Canyon Prince; WRITER: Canyon Prince (story by Canyon Prince and J Michael Briggs); PRODS: James Thomas, J Michael Briggs
THE HISTORIAN - WRITER/DIR: Miles Doleac; PRODS: Miles Doleac, Mackenzie Westmoreland, Ryan H. Jackson, John Lawrence Doleac and Nate Meyer
THE JAZZ FUNERAL -WRITER/DIR: Jesse Rosen; PRODS: Laurence Ducceschi, Cindy Peters
LAYOVER - WRITER/DIR: Joshua Caldwell; PRODS: Travis Oberlander, Vertel Scott, Joshua Caldwell, Jatin Das Gupta
THE MOURNING - DIRECTOR: Marc Clebanoff; WRITER: Marc Clebanoff, Michael Walton; PRODS: Joseph Wolf, Marc Clebanoff, Michael Walton
POPOVICH AND THE VOICE OF THE FABLED AMERICAN WEST - WRITER/DIR: Mike & Jerry Thompson; PRODS: Gregory Popovich, May May Luong, Todd Hailstone
THE SUICIDE THEORY - DIRECTOR: Dru Brown; WRITER: Michael J Kospiah; PRODS: Dru Brown, Christian McCarty, Jake McCarty
TARGETING - DIRECTOR: Tarique Qayumi; WRITER: Joey Patterson, Alan de la Rosa & Tarique Qayumi; PRODS: Alan de la Rosa, Carlos Osorio, Tarique Qayumi
THE WORST YEAR OF MY LIFE - WRITER/Dir: Jonathan Smith; PRODS: Jonathan Smith, Nicole Day, Amy Vorpahl, Bernie Stern
A LEADING MAN - WRITER/DIR: Steven J. Kung; PRODS: Justin Bell, Jon Michael Kondrath
BLOOD PUNCH - DIRECTOR: Maddellaine Paxson; WRITER: Eddie Guzelian; PRODS: Fred Schaefer, Fleur Saville, Eddie Guzelian, Madellaine Paxson
THE CABINING - WRITER/DIR: Steve Kopera; PRODS: Mike Kopera, Ian Michaels
EFFICIENCY - DIRECTOR: Kate Enge; WRITER: Steven Molony; PRODS: Steven Molony, Janek Ambros, Nick Collins
GONE DOGGIE GONE - WRITER/DIR: Kasi Brown & Brandon Walter; PRODS: Rebecca Hu and Adriane Zaudke
INK & STEEL - DIRECTORS: Jonathan Ehlers & Patrick Ward-Perkins; WRITER: Jonathan Ehlers, Patrick Ward-Perkins, Jason Radspiner; PRODS: Jonathan Ehlers, Patrick Ward-Perkins, Jason Radspiner
KING OF HERRINGS - WRITER: Eddie Jemison; DIRECTORS: Eddie Jemison & Sean Richardson
PRODS: Eddie Jemison, Sean Richardson, Seth William Meir, John Mese, David Jensen
PRODS: Andy Gunn
MISSING CHILD - DIRECTOR: Luke Sabis; WRITERS: Luke Sabis, Michael Barbuto; PRODS: Luke Sabis, Charles Gorgano; Michael Michael Barbuto
ODD BRODSKY; DIRECTOR: Cindy Baer; WRITERS: Matthew Irving & Cindy Baer; PRODS: Cindy Baer & Thomai Hatsios
SAND CASTLES - DIRECTOR: Clenét Verdi-Rose; WRITER: Jordon Hodges; PRODS: Jordon Hodges, Christopher Nickin
SEAHORSES - WRITER/DIR: Jason Kartalian; PRODS: Jason Kartalian, Roxy Shih
STOMPING GROUND - DIRECTOR: Dan Riesser; WRITERS: Dan Riesser & Andrew Genser; PRODS: Brad Lavery & Mike De Trana
9 - WRITER/DIR: Kimberly Warner; PRODS: Kimberly Warner
A MAN ON THE EDGE - WRITER/DIR: Edward Lyons; PRODS: Nicole Adams
A NEW LEAF - DIRECTOR: Clinton Cornwell; WRITER: L.M. Goodman; PRODS: Seth Epstein
ANOTHER LIFE - DIRECTOR: Mark Lammerding; WRITERS: Mark Lammerding, Eric Lammerding; PRODS: Aliyssa Forstmann
THE BALLAD OF SNAKE OIL SAM - DIRECTOR: Arlene Bogna; WRITER: Anthony Ferranti & Arlene Bogna; PRODS: Romell Foster-Owens, Anthony Ferranti
CASEY - DIRECTOR: Miguel Duran; WRITER: Violeta Reina; PRODS: Miguel Duran, Violeta Reina
CELLULOID DREAMS - WRITER/DIR: Jonathan Dillon; PRODS: Brian Kong, Jonathan Dillon
CHECK OUT - DIRECTOR: Ty Strickler; WRITER: Tim Estep & Ty Strickler; PRODS: Palmer Brown, Lije Sarki, Carl Bressler, Jonah Weinstein
THE CURSE OF THE UNKISSABLE KID - DIRECTOR: Mark Marchillo; WRITER: Mark Marchillo; Story by Matt Marr, Mark Marchillo;PRODS: Matt Marr
THE DENTIST - WRITER/DIR: Jonathon M.B. Hunter; PRODS: Isil Gilderdale
DRINK - DIRECTOR: Emily Moss Wilson; WRITER: Emily Moss Wilson & Larry Soileau;  PRODS: Benjamin Grayson, Greg Wilson
ENTANGLEMENT - WRITER/DIR: Douglas Wood; PRODS: Craig Wyrick-Solari
FIRST PRIZE WRITER/DIR: Kevin McMullin; PRODS: Kevin McMullin
FOR SPACIOUS SKY -DIRECTOR: Coy Middlebrook; WRITER: Kevin Allen Jackson; PRODS: Rowan Brooks, Andres Faucher, Coy Middlebrook
THE JANEWRITER/DIR: Trevor Williams; PRODS: Trevor Williams, Ed Mundy, Matthew Hobby
KARAGANDA - WRITER/DIR: Max WeissbergPRODS: Shira Aharony
WRITER/DIR: Chris Valenziano; PRODS: Chris Valenziano
LIFE ON THE LINE - DIRECTOR: Aurora Fearnley, Matt Maude, Jamie Donoughue; WRITER: Matt Maude; PRODS: Aurora Fearnley, Matt Maude, Jamie Donoughue
WRITER/DIR: Stuart C. Paul; PRODS: Lisa Barrett McGuire, Jason Dolan
WRITER/DIR: Jessie Kahnweiler; PRODS: Jessie Kahnweiler, Jacob Gilbert, Ryan Lacen
MISS MIAO - WRITER/DIR: Kayla Morrisey; PRODS: Kayla Morrisey, Breeda Wool, Celeste Den, Joe LaRue, Derrick Sims
DIRECTOR: Shekhar Bassi; WRITER: Shekhar Bassi & Shalinder Bassi;PRODS: Shekhar Bassi & Shalinder Bassi, Gemma Lloyd, Helen Silver
WRITER/DIR: Alfred Thomas Catalfo; PRODS: Glenn Gardner, Alfred Thomas Catalfo, Peter Giagni
DIRECTOR: Ric Serena;WRITER: Dan Greenberger;PRODS: Dan Greenberger
WRITER/DIR: Rafael De Leon Jr.;PRODS: Rafael De Leon Jr., Anthony Sylvester
DIRECTOR: John Salcido;WRITER: Michael Nathanson & John Salcido;PRODS: Neil Evans, Lillian LaSalle, Michael Nathanson, John Salcid
DIRECTOR: Chad Kukahiko; WRITER: Darrow Carson; PRODS: Kendall Kanoa Hawley
WRITER/DIR: Chris von Hoffmann; PRODS: Chris von Hoffmann

5 WAYS 2 DIE - DIRECTOR: Daina Papadaki; WRITER: Fanos Christophides; PRODS: Daina Papadaki,
9 TO 5 FEET UNDER - DIRECTOR: Terry Ziegelman; WRITER: Terry Ziegelman, Larry Ziegelman, Ramiro Castro Jr.; PRODS: Lia Abbate
BELONG - DIRECTOR: Lije Sarki; WRITER: Lije Sarki, John Methvin; PRODS: Palmer Brown, Lije Sarki, Carl Bressler, Jonah Weinstein
BINKY - WRITER/DIR: Stephen David Brooks; PRODS: Stephen David Brooks, Brittany Mayti
CASSANDRA - WRITER/DIR: Guy-Roger Duvert; PRODS: Guy-Roger Duvert, Rudolph Falaise
THE DEAD COUPLE - WRITER/DIR: Justin Rausch; PRODS: Todd Eckert
DINNER PARTY - WRITER/DIR: Steve Yager; PRODS: Steve Yager
DOGCATCHERS WRITER/DIR: Francis Stokes; PRODS: Stephanie Jane Markham
 WRITER/DIR: Ethan Shaftel; PRODS: Ethan Shaftel, Dain Ingebretson
HUM - WRITER/DIR: Iain Marks; PRODS: Iain Marks, Cassandra Burrows, Alex Kuciw
IT REMAINS - DIRECTOR: Andrew Morgan; WRITERS: Chrissie Fit, Cyrina Fiallo, Kent Boyd, Rose Marziale; PRODS: Kent Boyd, Rose Marziale, Michael Ross
WRITER/DIR: Sean Brosnan; PRODS: Sanja Banic
WRITER/DIR: Eric Law Anderson; PRODS: Eric Law Anderson, Anne M. Uemura
DIRECTOR: Adam Ward and Ronald Quigley; WRITER: Ronald Quigley; PRODS: Mete Sozer, Coco Cook, Edward Plumb
DIRECTOR: Robert L. Goodman; WRITER: Joel Perry; PRODS: Robert L. Goodman
WRITER/DIR: Philip Jessen; PRODS: Ashley Eberbach, Mark Mallorca, Phil Donohue
POKER DONKEY - WRITER/DIR: Roger & Laura Ranney; PRODS: Roger Ranney, Laura Ranney, Britt George
THE PROPOSAL -WRITER/DIR: Jason O. Silva; PRODS: A Annette Villarreal
SMALL TALK - DIRECTOR: Peter LeVake; WRITERS: Peter LeVake , Ira Brown; PROD: Curtis Adair
WRITER/DIR: Matt Johnson; PRODS: Matt Johnson and Robert Uncles
WRITER/DIR: Dawn Fields; PRODS: Dawn Fields, James Popiden
DIRECTOR: Harrison Givens; WRITER: Harrison Givens, Ross Marian; PRODS: Diondra Meravi

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