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Dancing: Will Amy Purdy Perform Next Week?

6/17/2014 Liz Raftery

By Liz Raftery

Amy Purdy says the injury she suffered during Dancing with the Stars Monday was so painful that she almost passed out during the broadcast, and she isn't sure whether she'll be able to perform on next week's show, People reports.

As she and partner Derek Hough were walking away from the judges table up to the skybox, "I turned my head and my upper back popped, which put my muscles on the right side in spasm," Purdy tells People. "I barely made it through scoring without passing out."

Purdy was taken to the hospital, and is now recovering at home. She should know laterWednesday whether she can compete next week, according to People.

"So, looks like I have a rib out of place and my muscles are in spasm," Purdy tweeted on Tuesday. "I am being very proactive in healing up so I can continue this journey."

Dancing with the Stars airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. Catch up on the latest episodes here.

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