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Debunking the week's tabloid stories - May 26, 2017

Gossip Cop logo Gossip Cop 5/26/2017

Gwen Stefani pregnant with 'miracle baby'

© Star Gwen Stefani is pregnant, reveals Star. The magazine reports she's having a "miracle baby at age 47" with boyfriend Blake Shelton.

A friend of Stefani's tells the publication the No Doubt frontwoman was "beside herself when she found out at a recent doctor's appointment." Stefani then "broke the news" to Shelton during a "quiet evening together at home" that left them "teary-eyed," shares the pal. And given her age, Stefani and Shelton's circle of loved ones is calling the pregnancy a "miracle," adds the magazine.

The publication's source further explains Stefani and Shelton "knew that conceiving" was going to be a "challenge," and were "considering IVF," but "apparently, it happened the natural way." And with a baby now on the way, the outlet contends the couple "quickly pulled together a secret plan to tie the knot in June."

Gossip Cop investigated, however, and no one should go looking for a baby or bridal registry. Stefani is not expecting, nor is there a wedding planned. This cover story was seemingly fabricated by Star, which disgustingly lied about Stefani having a miscarriage last year. A Stefani and Shelton insider rhetorically asked Gossip Cop, "At what point do people stop believing the constant barrage of lies?" And a rep for Shelton also exclusively tells us the baby story is untrue. 

Angelina Jolie getting married in Cambodia

© In Touch Angelina Jolie is getting married in Cambodia, announces In Touch on the cover of its new issue. The magazine reports she’ll wed a "wealthy 40-something British philanthropist and businessman" this summer.

A family friend tells the outlet, Jolie is “eager to marry for the fourth time as soon as her divorce from Brad [Pit] is finalized.” The pal also reveals Jolie recently bought more land in Cambodia, and now "all systems are go for the wedding to take place on her new property."

The outlet's source further explains Jolie was able to "clear the decks for marriage" after giving in to Pitt's custody and financial demands. Now a "small outdoor" ceremony is in the works, with the actress' dress, food and decorations all set to reflect Cambodian culture. Jolie's six children will also have roles in the wedding.

Curiously, In Touch knows all the specifics about the nuptials, but not the name of the groom. That's because this "wealthy 40-something British philanthropist and businessman" doesn't exist, at least not in Jolie's life. Gossip Cop first busted the tabloid when it manufactured Jolie’s “new man” in April. At the time, the magazine falsely claimed Jolie was "getting married already" to a "wealthy Brit."

Gossip Cop has again confirmed Jolie isn’t dating, let alone marrying for the fourth time.

Jennifer Lopez pregnant with 'miracle' baby boy

© Life & Style Life & Style reveals Jennifer Lopez is pregnant with Alex Rodriguez’s baby boy, and the couple plans to get married after she gives birth. The publication reports Lopez is expecting a “miracle baby” at 47-years-old and both she and Rodriguez are ecstatic about raising a child together.

An insider tells the magazine the singer and former baseball player decided to have a baby because they quickly “realized that they were a great match” and “didn’t have much time to waste.” The outlet’s source further leaks that Lopez is designing a baseball-themed nursery for the baby, and they’ve already narrowed down names for their son.

The insider says Lopez and Rodriguez will eventually get married, but will wait until after their baby is born. “Their main focus right now is on having a healthy boy,” says the source. Lopez, adds the tipster, is “super excited about having his son. She’s not showing yet, but she can’t wait to get a baby bump.”

But Gossip Cop investigated and it’s completely inaccurate. A rep for Rodriguez laughed off the tabloid’s report about Lopez expecting the former Yankees star’s child. And a spokesperson for the singer also assures Gossip Cop the story is simply “not true.” One again, Life & Style has struck out.

Kris Jenner writing 'revenge memoir' about Caitlyn

FILE - This March 20, 2016 file photo shows Kris Jenner at Daily Front Row's Fashion Los Angeles Awards in Los Angeles. Federal authorities arrested 36-year-old Christina Elizabeth Bankston on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016, on charges she hacked and stalked Kris Jenner and her family over a six month period in 2014. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File) © The Associated Press Kris Jenner OK! is reporting Kris Jenner is writing a "revenge memoir" about her ex-husband, Caitlyn Jenner. The publication reveals she’s "outraged" over the transgender star's book, The Secrets Of My Life, and is now "writing her own memoir with an eye toward taking her ex down."

Kris is planning to "blow the lid off her marriage to pretransition Bruce," an insider leaks to the magazine, explaining she'll accuse Caitlyn of being an "absentee dad and a cold and distant husband," and deny "Cait's claims that Kris knew early on about her gender issues." The outlet also reports the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch was first asked to write a book when Caitlyn transitioned two years ago, but didn't for the sake of maintaining family peace. "Now she feels she has no choice but to tell her side of the story," says the publication's source, who adds, "Kris sees this as a win-win: She'll turn the tide of opinion back to her, and she'll get revenge on Cait.”

So, when can fans expect to read Kris' book? Well, not anytime soon. Gossip Cop has learned she isn't actually working on a "revenge memoir" at all. And while it's possible Kris may write about her life at some point down the line, such a book would likely be all-encompassing, and not simply about "taking her ex down."

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt expecting second baby

© OK! Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are expecting their second baby after working through some marriage problems, reports OK!. The publication reveals that after hitting a rough patch over the past few years, they’re now expanding their family. 

A source tells the magazine, “Anna is simply glowing right now and… has a tiny baby bump.” The outlet’s insider further leaks the couple’s marital problems began in 2013, a year after their 4-year-old son Jack was born and around the time Pratt started becoming more famous. “Suddenly Chris was nowhere near as present as before,” says the tipster, adding that Faris feared her husband might stray as he became more well-known. “Anna’s felt like a single mom at times, and it’s not made any easier with all these women fawning all over Chris,” continues the source.

The publication notes, however, Pratt and Faris went through years of couple’s therapy to save their marriage, and recently decided their union was strong enough again to welcome a second child.

While very dramatic, Gossip Cop has learned the entire article is untrue. Reps for both Faris and Pratt assure us, “There’s no truth to any part of this cover story.” Gossip Cop is told the actress isn’t pregnant, and her marriage to Pratt was never in trouble.


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