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Debunking the week's tabloid stories

Gossip Cop logo Gossip Cop 9/16/2016

© Star

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are on the verge of “divorce,” according to Star. The publication reveals they’re in a “nasty fight” over their “$225 million fortune” because of Timberlake’s “endless flirtations.” 

An eyewitness tells the outlet when Biel and Timberlake recently hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at their Los Angeles home, “Things were very tense between them.” The magazine’s spy says, “They barely spoke to each other, never held hands and there were none of those sweet little exchanges you normally see with couples. Justin and Jessica looked miserable.”

The outlet’s insider further explains the couple’s four-year marriage is at a “breaking point” because they’re “at war over everything… from Justin’s rumored affairs to his demands that Jessica put her career on hold and have another baby.” “But Jessica can’t keep being Mrs. Timberlake,” continues the magazine’s source, noting, “It’s hard putting effort into a one-sided relationship.” The publication’s informant feels the marriage is “dying a slow death.”

Gossip Cop has learned, however, Timberlake and Biel are not “headed for divorce,” as falsely reported. Their reps exclusively tell us there’s “no truth” to these new claims of a potential split. Naturally, Gossip Cop is not entirely surprised. Back in 2014, we corrected the tabloid twice when it wrongly ran “divorce” covers about Timberlake and Biel.

© Life & Style

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are “back together,” exclaims Life & Style on the cover of its latest issue. The magazine notes that after their romances with others recently crumbled, they “reunited” and are ready to “rekindle their relationship 12 years” after calling off their engagement. 

“With J. Lo suddenly single and Jennifer Garner preparing to officially file for divorce from Ben, the former couple have been busy reconnecting,” writes the outlet. An insider tells the publication, “They’ve been talking on the phone for hours at a time. Their relationship was always intense and had a lot of passion.”

Life & Style reveals that after she split with Casper Smart, Lopez “made the first move” and “reached out to Ben” because she thinks he’s “the one.” As for Affleck, the outlet notes he was “open to reuniting, too.”

Asked about the Affleck claims, a rep for Lopez exclusively tells Gossip Cop the allegations are “so stupid.” And a contact close to Affleck’s side also deems the cover story “crazy.” “They have their own lives,” says Gossip Cop’s contact. Lopez and Affleck have moved on separately. It’s long past time the gossip world did, too.

© In Touch

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting a “$400 million divorce”? That’s what In Touch is reporting on the cover of its latest edition. According to the magazine, the famous couple has been living separate lives over issues stemming from jealousy, screaming matches, cheating accusations and more. 

The publication reports Brangelina’s most recent fight erupted when Pitt refused to spend the last few days of summer with Jolie and the kids in France, opting instead to vacation in Croatia with his buddies. “As Brad headed out the door, Angelina was in tears, truly feeling she’d lost Brad once and for all,” a source leaks to the outlet.

The magazine’s insider adds, “The marriage is broken and Brad and Angelina’s $400 million divorce is underway.” Among the problems is that Jolie is suspicious of her husband’s relationship with his Allied co-star Marion Cotillard and how he’s been “acting single.” The publication also notes the pair is fighting over everything from their careers to his concerns about her health.

Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the couple, who exclusively assures us there’s “no truth” to In Touch’s latest breakup story. Actually, Gossip Cop previously called out the tabloid for falsely insisting Pitt and Jolie were headed for a “shocking split.” Contrary to its assertions, the couple’s marriage is strong, and all contentions otherwise are completely untrue.

Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images/Getty Images

Liam Hemsworth is “furious” about Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger texting each other again, reveals Life & Style. According to the publication, Hemsworth “flipped out” after discovering texts from Cyrus’s ex-boyfriend on her cellphone.

“Miley keeps saying it was one-sided and she doesn’t care about Patrick at all anymore, but Liam is worried Miley isn’t being upfront,” says the outlet’s insider. The magazine’s source further reports Schwarzenegger “would love to have Miley back in his life,” and Hemsworth is “worried Miley could leave him for Patrick.”

Gossip Cop, however, checked in with a source close to Cyrus and Hemsworth, and we’re exclusively told the tabloid’s entire account of events is simply “not true.” Our impeccable insider says Cyrus and Schwarzenegger haven’t been texting each other, and therefore there’s nothing for Hemsworth to be “furious” about. “It’s all made up,” notes our source.

Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by the falsity of the magazine’s report. Gossip Cop recently busted Life & Style for wrongly alleging in a cover story that Cyrus was pregnant and secretly married to Hemsworth. This latest article about the singer and her ex-boyfriend’s nonexistent texts is equally untrue.


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