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Disney's 'Planes' and other movies featuring unusual talking characters

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After all, anything can talk, right?By Frank PaivaSpecial to MSN MoviesParents put up with a lot: constant crying. Fearing white vans and the men who drive them. Dealing with the bossy PTA leader who thinks her way is the only way, but her brownies are always dry, so, really, what does she know about anything?Then kids hit puberty and the difficulties really increase: Your daughter needs community service hours to graduate, but her idea of community service is helping an old lady walk across the mall. Your son's first boyfriend hosts a weekly drum circle and is talking about getting an Ultimate Frisbee tattoo when he turns 18. Your stomach turns to knots every time you think about paying for college.Bing: More about 'Planes' | More about 'Cars'And then there are the minor inconveniences. Like putting up with inane Saturday morning cartoons. Or sitting through the same movie over and over again. "Finding Nemo" is great, but it really gets on your nerves if you're watching it for the fifth time this month and counting. Chances are you did the same thing to your parents as a child. Only it was Woody Woodpecker or "Inspector Gadget" instead of "Pokemon."The Cowardly Lion could never raise a child. Parenting requires too much courage.Children's entertainment is repetitive. Animals are always adorable, colors are always bright and anything can talk. Absolutely anything.This week marks the release of "Planes," a spin-off of Pixar's popular "Cars" franchise. Leave it to Disney to make airplanes cute. If the movie does well, it's only a matter of time before the writers make "Unicycles."To celebrate the movie's release, here are 10 other bizarre talking characters from family film history. These oddballs are the things nightmares are made of. As long as your idea of a nightmare involves the big white dog/dragon thing from "The NeverEnding Story."Who's your favorite most unusual talking character in a movie? Tell us on our MSN Movies Facebook page. (Disney Pixar)
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