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Dueling Divas

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When pop stars collideBy Sean NelsonSpecial to MSN MusicKaty Perry vs. Lady Gaga (+ Ke$ha)This has all the classic elements of a media-sponsored catfight. Both opponents are photogenic chart toppers who represent radically different forms of pop and sex symbolism: Perry is a Barbie doll-style pinup whose songs are written and produced by others, while Gaga is a total style freakazoid who calls her own musical shots. Perry launched the first attack on Twitter, comparing the "Alejandro" video to intestinal gas, but later recanted when Gaga didn't respond. Just as well, since they both have other feuds to tend to, Perry with British popster Lily Allen, and Gaga with Ke$ha and Christina Aguilera.(Kabik/Retna; Rob Kim/Retna)
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