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Emily Blunt dissed Tom Cruise years ago, calls it 'so funny' now

6/12/2014 Us Weekly

Blunt humor! Emily Blunt, who once told The Telegraph in a 2005 interview that she would rather be a poor theater actress than star "as a spear carrier in a Tom Cruise movie," was asked about those comments in a new interview with the paper.

"I never said that!" Blunt, 31, insisted to the same paper on May 25. "What an awful thing to say." The reporter proceeded to pull out the exact newspaper clip proving that Blunt had, in fact, uttered those words.

"That is so funny," Blunt responded with laughter. "Well, at least I'm not a spear carrier."

The irony, of course, is that Blunt and Cruise are costars in a big budget new movie, "Edge of Tomorrow," slated to hit theaters June 6. In the Doug Liman-directed sci-fi flick, Blunt plays a futuristic warrior named Rita Vrataski, who teams up with Cruise's character to fight aliens.

John Krasinski's wife, by the way, has Cruise to thank for her role in the movie.

The seasoned actor, 51, revealed to "Access Hollywood" in a May 27 interview that he had pleaded with Liman to have Blunt join the "Edge of Tomorrow" cast. "I saw her work very early on and her work as an actress, and I just really admired [her]," Cruise explained as Blunt sat beside him. "She's got great taste, as her choices in terms of within scenes, tremendous power on screen."

"Right from the very beginning, [I knew] this woman can really act," Katie Holmes' ex continued to gush about the actress. "The versatility of her ability is incredible -- from comedy to drama and also romance," Cruise said of Blunt's portfolio which ranges from 2012's "The Five-Year Engagement" to 2011's "The Adjustment Bureau." "She's a great leading lady but a character actor. So I've been watching her for a long time."

Blunt, for her part, used her humor to her advantage in her Telegraph interview.

After welcoming daughter Hazel in February, Blunt said her life as a parent is rather normal. "You should have seen us this morning," she said. "It was ... well, not chaos, but like everyone else in the morning with a small baby."

"Then again," she continued. "I do tend to sweep down the stairs in a ball-gown every night saying, 'Tell me I look beautiful.'"


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