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Emmys '07: Undressed! The Worst

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Mid-Hair Collision: It's hard to go wrong with a hairstyle inspired by two celluloid classics, but Ellen Pompeo finds a way with her Aquanet-cemented high-rise hairdo. The "Grey's Anatomy" star's neck-elongating, noodle-expanding tresses take style cues from two empowering but calamitously coiffed female film icons: Dustin Hoffman's titular, be-wigged cross-dresser in "Tootsie" and the ever-vigilant, bouffant-topped "Spaceballs" robot, Dot Matrix. Pompeo's misguided mane is so mountainous it even manages to draw the eye away from the sleek silhouette of her strapless, sweetheart-necklined Michael Kors gown and flawless, almost lifelike face paint, although on the plus side, it also downplays her ticky-tacky, double-tassel necklace, which should be returned to whatever graduation cap or dusty drapery cord she got it from. (Gregg DeGuire/WireImage & Sara De Boer/Retna Ltd.)
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