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Emmys:'s Picks for Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

6/18/2014 Joyce Eng

By Joyce Eng

Emmy season is here! For the next two weeks, voters will be checking off names and shows they think are worthy of getting a nomination come July 10. We at have a few selections in mind ourselves. First up: our dream ballot for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series.

Look back at last year's Emmys

Anna Chlumsky, Veep
We loved Chief of Staff Amy Brookheimer, but we love campaign manager Amy Brookheimer even more. Thanks to Selina's presidential bid, Chlumsky, who was nominated last year, has shone even brighter, as Amy tapped into her shrewd cunning in her own bid to oust Dan and be named campaign manager. And yes, she still gives good face.

Melissa Fumero, Brooklyn Nine-Nine
It says a lot that Amy got more and more screen time as the season went along. That's all due to Fumero, so endearing and goofy, making comedic hay out of the smallest gag. Besides, whoever can go toe-to-toe with Andre Braugher should win all the awards.

Allison Janney, Mom
The four-time Emmy champ (for The West Wing) is all but guaranteed a nod in drama guest actress for Masters of Sex, but she's also deserving of one for her equally stellar work on the CBS comedy. Against Mom's darkly comic addiction backdrop, Janney has had ample opportunity to showcase her famous dramatic gifts with her heretofore little-seen comedic chops. Plus, she has an Emmy tape at the ready, with Bonnie falling off the wagon.

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Kate McKinnon, Saturday Night Live
Girls run the world — and SNL. The ladies totally carried the sketch show this season, and while all are deserving of a nod, we'll single out McKinnon. Mind-bogglingly versatile, McKinnon is the rare performer who excels at both impressions (Hi, Justin Bieber and Billie Jean King!) and original creations (Privet, Olya Povlatsky!) — not to mention, elevates every sketch she's in. Kristen Wiig who?

Kate Mulgrew, Orange Is the New Black
Red is giving Captain Janeway a run for her money as Mulgrew's signature role. The iron-fisted Litchfiled head chef could easily be OITNB's ultimate villain, but Mulgrew, thanks to a meaty backstory, has managed to make Red feel both fearsome and grounded, and capable of mean-spirited jabs and (sort of) kind-hearted tough love. If she doesn't get in this year, she better next year — or else.

Michaela Watkins, Trophy Wife
Watkins was only second to her on-screen son Albert Tsai on this dearly departed show. As Jackie, the loopy, hippie-dippy second wife, the SNL alum could've been annoyingly one-note, but Watkins was completely on target creating a warm, delightfully wacky off-center character that we could see why Pete married her in the first place.

Who do you hope is nominated?

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