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Eva Mendes touches off stork speculation at TSA checkpoint

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 7

On the list of life's privacy-invading experiences, going through airport security ranks right up there with a tax audit and an annual health exam. And if you're famous, that feeling is presumably magnified. Which brings us to this story from London Daily Mail, which contends that Eva Mendes told security officials that she was opting out of the body scan at LAX on Saturday because she's expecting. The actress, 39, arrived at the airport without on-off boyfriend Ryan Gosling, who has gone to ground in recent months. Her comfy travel clothes (photo at left) revealed few clues as to whether she's baking a genetic lottery winner or was just giving the TSA a ready-made excuse to avoid the intrusive scanner. Her rep, however, adamantly denies that Mendes said anything about a bun in the oven. "She has never gone through the scanners at the airport," explains the mouthpiece. "She has always elected to be hand-checked instead.So there.Rumors of a rift hit the comely couple of two-plus years late last year, and they haven't been photographed together for several months. "I wouldn't be surprised if they split for good soon," a source told Us Weekly in November.
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