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Fair and Balanced

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A look at right-leaning movies that have come out of the liberal burg of HollywoodBy Don KayeSpecial to MSN MoviesAsk any conservative and they'll tell you, not without some basis in fact, that Hollywood is about as liberal as it gets, and that the product the town churns out -- movies -- are hopelessly slanted to the left whether they're about war, crime, family values or politics. They'll tell you that Hollywood is so left-wing, in fact, that the conservatives who work in the industry have to keep their political leanings to themselves for fear of being ostracized and passed over for work.Look, Hollywood is a liberal town. Most artistically or creatively inclined people -- including actors, writers, directors and musicians -- tend to line up to the left and vote Democratic. Yet there are right-leaning people in this town who are intensely creative, and there always have been. They get to make films, too, movies that one could safely say were not influenced by Ralph Nader or Noam Chomsky. Are they always successful or good? Maybe not, but that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the politics of the talent involved or the film itself.With the arrival in theaters of "Atlas Shrugged: Part II," the second half of the independently financed saga based on conservative demigod (and Paul Ryan idol) Ayn Rand's doorstop novel, we thought it was time to take a fair and balanced look at the right-leaning movies that have come out of Hollywood over the years. We'll leave our own politics at the door -- but "good" or "bad" doesn't have a liberal bias.Bing:'Atlas Shrugged: Part II' | Watch the trailer"Atlas Shrugged: Part II" is out in theaters Oct. 12.For more movie news, follow MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter.(Independent Pictures) 
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