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Fashion hits and misses: 2013 American Music Awards

By Chris Gardner Slide 1 of 23

On Sunday night, the American Music Awards doled out pyramid-shaped trophies to the industry's buzziest stars in categories from pop and rock to country and hip hop, and everything in between. But before any artists hit the stage, they graced the red carpet to show off their ensembles. Let's press rewind to check out the biggest hits and misses from the 41st anniversary event. Unfortunately, we have no awards of any shape to hand out to the winners, but the glory is all the same. Lady Gaga lives for live stunts, and Sunday night she was really living. The "ArtPop" singer said she arrived on a white horse as a nod to Bianca Jagger arriving to New York's Studio 54 on a real white horse back in the day. That's the backstory and the reality is that Gaga looked almost identical to her new Versace ads, and we can't argue with that. Ignore the horse, and Gaga looks remarkably classy, and we will applaud that. Will you?Keep clicking for more AMAs fashion ...
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