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Favorite TV Scrooges

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A holiday tribute to the morose, the moneygrubbing and the misunderstoodBy Robert Isenberg Special to MSN TVEbenezer Scrooge. When we hear the name, we shudder. We picture a crabby old man bent over his ledger, counting up piles of money. He doesn't like Christmas, he doesn't want to go caroling, and, if there's one thing he can't stand, it's other people. TV is full of villains and jerks, but it takes a special character to be called a true "Scrooge." When Charles Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol," he proved that even callous geezers are sometimes just sad and lonely. Scrooges have to be unpleasant and mean-spirited, but they also have to show that glimmer of warmth. Bad guys rarely make good, but Scrooges still have a shot at turning around their cantankerous selves. In the holiday spirit, we present some of our favorite TV Scrooges -- the morose, the moneygrubbing and the misunderstood. Bing:More about Maggie Smith | 'Downton Abbey'Want more TV? Be sure to follow MSN TV on Facebook and Twitter(PBS)
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