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'Friends' Star David Schwimmer Helps Cops Solve Violent Assault Case


Friends co-star David Schwimmer was instrumental in helping New York police solve a criminal assault and robbery case when he was able to show investigators security camera footage that showed a violent fight between three people.

The incident in question took place early Monday morning, at approximately 5:30am, in an apartment building adjacent to the actor's luxury town house.

The fight allegedly involved a transgender prostitute, a john, and a robber. As the prostitute and the john were having sex in the john's apartment when a third man broke into the apartment and tried to steal the john's laptop.

It is believed that, when the john made an attempt to stop the robber from taking his laptop, the prostitute attacked the john, before the robber allegedly assaulted the john with a knife. The fight began in the first-floor apartment before spilling out into the hallway and eventually onto the street.

The prostitute fled the scene, the victim was taken to a hospital, and the man believed to have been the robber and the stabber was taken into custody. 21-year-old Robert Rainey was arrested and charged with robbery, criminal possession of a weapon and assault.

Before Schwimmer provided police with the video from his security camera, the only information investigators had to go on were a few eye-witness statements as well as conflicting accounts from the victim and the alleged perpetrator.

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