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Funny women of the silver screen

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With the release of 'The Heat,' we take a look at our favorite most outrageous countesses of comedy By Kim MorganSpecial to MSN MoviesWomen and comedy. It's a tough business, and there's been a lot of talk lately regarding ladies who laugh (or make us laugh). From Jerry Lewis' recent comments at Cannes (see Sandra Bernhard) to the rise of Melissa McCarthy, female comedians are not going away anytime soon, and seem to be stronger than ever. I hope. But this isn't just about all female comedians. The new Paul Feig-directed picture coming out, "The Heat," is a gender flip on the typical buddy picture. Sandra Bullock plays FBI Special Agent Ashburn and is paired, "Odd Couple"-style, with an outrageous detective (Melissa McCarthy).With that in mind, we've thought of some other famous female comedians (or actresses) who have taken on more daring comedic roles, showing that being outrageous or not politically correct -- or even just unlikable (think of Janeane Garofalo, who can be hilarious but really seems to anger people when she gets political) -- isn't new. It didn't start with "Bridesmaids." There are too many female comedians to list, but we want to focus on those who are taking on a man's world or, in fact, scaring men. And women, for that matter. I started with the 1980s, so please excuse the omission of the great Moms Mabley. Look her up, youngsters.Bing: More about Sandra Bullock | More on Melissa McCarthyWant more Movies? Be sure to like MSN Movies on Facebook and follow MSN Movies on Twitter.(Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation)
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