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Furious Halle Berry clashes with paparazzi, holds back Olivier Martinez

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Just days after Halle Berry reportedly contacted other celebrity parents about enacting tougher laws against the paparazzi, she (perhaps conveniently) had an angry confrontation with a camera-wielding mob.On Monday night, an explosion of flashbulbs greeted the actress as she landed in Los Angeles with her 5-year-old daughter, Nahla, and her seemingly short-fused fiancé, Olivier Martinez.The trio was fresh from a Hawaiian getaway, during which Halle was repeatedly snapped in happy family moments and in a teeny bikini top. But that relaxed attitude changed at LAX as the trio faced an army of photographers as they headed down an escalator on their way to a waiting SUV. In a video of the incident, Berry rails, "Get away! There's a child here! What the [bleep] is wrong with you?" as she dramatically tries to fend off the paparazzi. Martinez, with Nahla in his arms, nearly makes it to the car when he briefly tussles with an encroaching photographer, who later claims the actor pushed him and kicked him. Olivier can be seen climbing into the SUV with Nahla, but the lensman apparently grabbed his shirt, prompting him to prepare for a faceoff. At that point, Berry shoved Martinez back in the car and they drove off.That quick exit was probably for the best, given how Martinez walloped the face of Berry's model ex, Gabriel Aubry, during a Thanksgiving brawl. That argument was reportedly triggered by Aubry's successful thwarting of Berry's planned move to France with Nahla and Martinez, ostensibly to escape the paparazzi.A few things to consider here: Yes, it's frightening and wrong for a 5-year-old to brave a crowd of screaming men and flashing lights. But it's probably equally frightening to have the adults in her life her yelling and raging at strangers. Also, if Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are able to travel with a brood of six without causing this type of disturbance, couldn't Halle conceivably arrange the same? Either way, our sympathies remain firmly with Nahla. Click on for a detailed photo breakdown of the incident ...
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