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Getting away with murder in the movies

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Warning, spoilers ahead! By Glenn Kenny Special to MSN MoviesIn the thriller "The Purge," Our Future Dystopia has a very special feature: on one night of the year, and one night only, crime is permitted. As in, all crime. Robbing, pillaging, looting, presumably embezzlement, definitely jaywalking, plus, a lot of other things we're too squeamish to bring up here but which will surely be gone into in some detail by the movie itself. Including, we presume, murder. Which got us to thinking about movies in which the protagonist, or anti-hero, or some other character, actually does get away with murder. And so, we present possibly the most spoiler-ific gallery ever, which we're warning you about in advance. The following accounts of more than ten movies give away plot specifics, so proceed with caution. We only do it for the sake of shedding light on how cinematic practice with respect to the most crucial of the Ten Commandments has changed with the times, and stuff. Search: Watch a trailer for 'The Purge' | More on 'The Purge'Want more Movies? Like us on Facebook and Twitter.(Universal)
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