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Ginnifer Goodwin shares why her pixie cut is here to stay

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Ginnifer Goodwin is the fairest of them all! Not only has she found her own real-life Prince Charming, she also cares about the well-being of others. She recently teamed up with Listerine to spread awareness about oral hygiene and helping those in need. Click through to read more about Ginny's quest for healthier smiles, her red carpet secrets and her life as Snow White on "Once Upon a Time." Wonderwall: Can you tell us about the Listerine 21-day challenge that you kicked off?Ginnifer Goodwin: Yes! I got involved because I made some friends at Listerine who told me some horrifying things, like they taught me that half of adults have oral disease and we don't even know it. And the No. 1 chronic illness among children is oral disease. For all the brushing and flossing we do, it only actually cleans 25 percent of our mouths, and there are more germs in our mouths than there are people on the planet. I was really blown away by Listerine's generosity in donating the $21,000 to Oral Health America and I've also been blown about by their generosity in donating for every person who signs up on Facebook, which donates to Smiles Across America to help children in need.What makes you smile?Being healthy, being around my family, going on adventures …
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