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Goriest moments of 'Walking Dead'

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Reliving the bloodiest most violent scenes of the show in Season 3By Kenny HerzogSpecial to MSN TVAfter spending what felt like an interminable number of months with Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the "Walking Dead" gang on Hershel's farm, the action finally relocated--to a prison overrun by zombies and quasi-idyllic commune run by an unhinged sadist named the Governor (David Morrissey)--and accelerated. Bodies have piled up at an impressive clip, assorted entrails have been their own supporting character and any lines between right and wrong have officially been repositioned. Bing: More about 'The Walking Dead' | More about Andrew LincolnThe gore itself generally veers toward a comic-book excessiveness that's less nauseating than shocking and exhilarating. But every so often, "The Walking Dead" knows how to animate a zombie killing or human casualty with the perfectly revolting touch of blood and guts. Or, as we saw during a particularly uncomfortable sequence four episodes in, the writers and special-effects team have figured out how to transform even the most natural acts of god into visceral set pieces. What was your favorite zombie moment of "Walking Dead" this season? Tell us on our MSN TV Facebook page and on Twitter.So, with the winter finale set to air Sunday, Dec. 2 on AMC, we pay tribute to Season 3 with the below gallery of its most gruesome, disgusting and downright shocking deaths and dismemberments through these first seven weeks. Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. This gallery may contain content not suitable for some viewers and may be explicitly graphic due to the nature of the hit cable show it is covering ("The Walking Dead"). The Season 3 winter finale of "The Walking Dead" airs Sunday, Dec. 2 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.(AMC)
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