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Gossip Quickies for Nov. 4

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 4

Bieber's brothel defenseThe only thing more appalling than Justin Bieber's alleged visit last Friday to a Brazilian brothel is that he supposedly left covered in a white sheet emblazoned with the name of said brothel (say it with us: yee-uck). Not surprisingly, damage control has begun in earnest, with the trouble-prone popster's camp insisting he didn't actually spend quality time inside the Centauros bordello. A source contends to "Entertainment Tonight" that "it was not a brothel, but instead a private, members'-only-type club that he was invited to by friends." We're not sure what the exact difference is between a "members'-only-type club" and a brothel, but we hope it has something to do with guests being required to wear '80s-style casual jackets.Anyhoodie, the insider also denies that Bieber, 19, was booted out of his luxury hotel in Rio due to excessive partying. Seems he decided to move to a private residence in a gated community because so many fans had gathered outside that they posed a "security risk."RELATED: Bieber hit by water bottle onstage
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