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Grading 'Hunger Games' stars

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From Jennifer Lawrence to Stanley Tucci, see the surprising box office resultsBy Brent LangTheWrapJennifer Lawrence looms large over "The Hunger Games" franchise. She snags the lion's share of the magazine covers, has an Oscar on her mantelpiece and even scored a catchy nickname -- J-Law. When it comes to box office performance over the past decade, however, Katniss Everdeen is stuck in the middle of the "Hunger Games" pack. In terms of total worldwide ticket sales, Stanley Tucci has the most formidable box office total with $2.7 billion, followed closely by Woody Harrelson. To be fair, it's a volume game -- both are popular character actors who pop up in multiple films each year, while J-Law is a newcomer. Bing: More about 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' | Watch videosMore on TheWrap:The Evolution of Jennifer Lawrence: From 'Monk' Mascot to Katniss EverdeenWant more Movies? Be sure to like MSN Movies on Facebook and follow MSN Movies Twitter.("The Hunger Games: Catching Fire"/Lionsgate)
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