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Grand Theft LiLo? Lindsay Lohan reportedly looking to sue makers of 'Grand Theft Auto V'

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Lindsay Lohan's life has sometimes seemed straight out of "Grand Theft Auto" (remember when she commandeered an SUV -- with three passengers in it -- for a high-speed chase?). Now, says TMZ, the presumably paycheck-needing rehab grab plans to sue the makers of the mega-selling video game series for supposedly co-opting her likeness.LiLo's legal team is reportedly prepping a lawsuit against Rockstar Games over alleged Lohan-esque elements in "Grand Theft Auto V." The "evidence," such as it is: * The cover of the game features a blond, bikini-clad hottie taking a selfie and flashing a peace sign, things Lindsay has been known to do (along with many other twenty-something starlets). On the left is Linds in 2007, wearing a bikini and ankle monitor.* A shallow and whiny character named Lacey Jonas hops on a player's motorcycle and demands he help her escape from the paparazzi, because she's not wearing makeup and looks "fat." Lacey, by the way, is famous for starring in rom-coms and cheerleader competition movies.* Another starlet character holes up at a hotel resembling the Chateau Marmont, Lindsay's onetime home base. The player's mission is to photograph said character getting it on. Lohan, however, may have a tough time proving her case. Redditors have already pointed out that the blonde's pose uncannily echoes this Kate Upton photo from Sports Illustrated. What's more, model Shelby Welinder confirmed last year that she served as the hottie inspiration for the game, and produced a paycheck to prove it. She's even posted a pic (click on to see) showing her posing in front of her "GTAV" alter ego. Of course, Lohan is no stranger to filing suit over her image. After successfully settling with E*Trade in 2007 over an ad referencing a milk-aholic baby named Lindsay, she lost a 2010 suit against Pitbull name-checking her in a song ("I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan"), which she claimed caused her emotional distress and violated her privacy and publicity rights.Keep clicking to compare shots of Upton and Welinder ...
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