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Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right"

6/17/2014 Natalie Abrams

By Natalie Abrams

We all knew who wouldn't return to Grey's Anatomy next season, but it was still a tiny bit surprising that it was Leah who actually got fired from Grey Sloan Memorial during Thursday's episode.

It was clear that Jo and Stephanie would be sticking around — though there was still a threat when it came to Steph since she tried to take the fall for Bailey (more on that below). There was still the possibility that someone would realize Shane really shouldn't be a doctor anymore after sending one of his fellow interns to die and killing Alex's father, not to mention his rupturing the outer sack of organs on a child patient during Thursday's episode. Alas, Leah was told she doesn't have the chops to be a surgeon and she's let go.  

Speaking of people nearly getting fired, Bailey faces legal action over injecting Bubble Boy with deactivated HIV, even though he has actually gotten better. Unfortunately, it wouldn't just be a malpractice lawsuit; Bailey could be charged with assault and battery. When Stephanie hears the consequences, she decides to take the fall. Fortunately, they play it off as if it was just a mistake and the parents decide against suing.

With Derek in Washington, D.C., Amelia has stuck around GSM to assist. Meredith and Derek assume that they're holding her hostage, but it turns out that she actually wants to stay in Seattle, so she decides to break things off with James.

Elsewhere, Alex returns to the hospital to help on one case, but decides to snake another one from Arizona, who gets pissed that he stole her patient. He admits that he's drowning over at the private practice, so she offers to help him.

Also, April and Jackson are still attempting to hide the pregnancy. However, that doesn't last long when Jackson must admit it to a patient in front of Stephanie, and April has to leave the room when Callie does an x-ray on a patient. Callie gets upset upon learning the news, but that's because she's learned that, due to the car accident, she can no longer carry a child. Arizona offers to carry the child, but they decide against it because their relationship is only now starting to stabilize again.

Meanwhile, Cristina has been interviewing replacements for Dr. Russell before she leaves, but no one seems to be up to par, making Meredith believe that Owen set this all up so Cristina would stay. Owen decides against offering her the job, even though he wanted to at one point, so Cristina really is leaving.  

And Meredith and Derek might be leaving, too. Derek's been offered a more permanent position in D.C. and he wants them to move there. Dun. Dun. Dunnnn.

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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