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Grey's Anatomy Recap: "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

6/17/2014 Natalie Abrams

By Natalie Abrams

One of the moments Grey's Anatomy fans have been dreading all season finally happened during Thursday's episode: The discovery of how Cristina Yang will be leaving Grey Sloan Memorial for good.

When Dr. Russell, the head of cardiology, decides to leave the hospital because no one from Grey Sloan will ever win a Harper Avery Award, the board asks Yang to appeal her loss so they can set a precedent. She avoids the subject by flying off to Zurich to give a talk about 3D printing portal veins at a hospital where her ex Dr. Burke (Isaiah Washington) works. It turns out he was the one who invited her to speak at his hospital.

Reuniting with Burke for the first time since their failed wedding, Burke asks Cristina to stick around to see how hi-tech his hospital is. The 49 3D printers he has would certainly help with Cristina's plans to someday print an actual heart. And Burke does want Cristina to come work at his hospital, but he's not looking to get back with her. In fact, he's married with two kids. She grapples with whether she could stand to be around him again, but he reveals that she would actually be replacing him since he wants to spend more time with his family. He's literally giving her a hospital, an offer she'd be a fool to turn down, which means this is likely how Cristina Yang says farewell to GSM.

Back at the hospital, Amelia and Derek work together on adult conjoined twins, but Amelia is miffed over being treated like the little sister, which she bonds over with Meredith. But when the surgery goes awry, Derek allows Amelia to shine and proves that he respects her. He asks Amelia if he'd want to work with Callie on her trial, which could bring her to Seattle full time.

Meanwhile, April and Jackson get their first ultrasound done, at which point they both decide not to terminate. Though there is still tension between them, April comes to Jackson's defense when Webber yells at him over the Avery Foundation hiccups.

Also, Jo gets completely overwhelmed at work and makes several mistakes, which comes at the worst time possible because Webber and Owen decide to fire one of the residents. But who will it be? Guessing it's Leah or Shane!

Will you be sad when Cristina does leave?

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.

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