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Guilty tortures

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Shows we can't stop watching but wish we couldBy Martha BrockenbroughSpecial to MSN TVDoritos. You know they're not good. You know they're not good for you. You would like to be consuming something else, preferably something that's not going to leave you feeling ill afterward. But you just ... can't ... stop ... eating ... until the bag is empty, your fingertips are radioactive orange and you are softly crying into your pillow.Certain TV shows are the same way. Their continued existence tortures you. And yet you can't look away.Sometimes they're torture because they once meant something to us. Sometimes it's because we had high hopes that have been disappointed. And sometimes it's because we knew better all along and got hooked anyway. Bing: What is 'hate-watching'? | More: TV characters we love to hateWhat shows do you hate-watch? Tell us at MSN TV on Facebook and Twitter.(MSN Entertainment)
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