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Hear Malcom and Angus Young's pre-AC/DC group the Marcus Hook Roll Band


The Marcus Hook Roll band in the studio in 1973.

LISTEN:'One of These Days' by the Marcus Hook Roll Band

Rhino Entertainment

Just before Malcolm and Angus Young took fans on a debauched decent down that “Highway to Hell,” they joined with their talented brother, George Young and guitarist Harry Vanda, to form the brief, yet musically significant group, The Marcus Hook Roll Band. Back then, there was no such person as Marcus Hook, nor did the ‘band’ originate from the borough of Marcus Hook in Pennsylvania. George and his fellow musicians only ever existed as a band in studio, releasing three singles and one album in the early ’70s. When any of these tracks turn up on internet auction sites today, collectors bankrupt their PayPal accounts to win them. Now, The Marcus Hook Roll Band is releasing their one and only album, 1973’s “Tales of Old Grand-Daddy,” on June 3 through Parlophone as CD/vinyl/digital download.

In the annals of classic rock, AC/DC remains a towering presence, but ardent fans can draw a bright line from their blistering hits to the earlier breakthrough for the Easybeats, their Aussie predecessors, and the canny production team behind both that late ‘60s band and other Down Under triumphs, Dutch guitarist Harry Vanda and Australian rocker George Young, Malcom and Angus’ elder brother.

In advance of the restored and expanded “Tales of Old Grand-Daddy,” MSN Music is proud to offer a first listen to one of the set’s previously unreleased tracks, “One of These Days,” showcasing typically witty lyrics, the guitars of all three Young brothers and a chorus that will linger.

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