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Hollywood's Home Runs

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These baseball movies would make our Hall of Fame on the first ballotBy Sheri QuirtMSN MoviesClint Eastwood is a titan of American film, embodying the staple characters of our national cinema -- cop, cowboy, outlaw, astronaut, orangutan babysitter -- in dozens of memorable performances over his lengthy screen career. So it was only fitting when, in 2012, he finally brought his A game to the truly all-American environment of the baseball world, as a crusty veteran scout who's past his prime and trying to eke out a few more innings in "Trouble with the Curve."It's not easy to break into the ranks of the baseball film Hall of Fame, and it remains to be seen just how highly regarded "Trouble with the Curve" becomes, but in the meantime, here's a lineup of baseball flicks we'd hand to the umpire any game.Bing:'Trouble with the Curve' | Clint EastwoodFor more movie news, follow MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter. (Amy Adams & Clint Eastwood in 'Trouble with the Curve'/Warner Bros. Pictures)
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