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Hollywood's single moms

By Rebecca Silverstein Slide 1 of 20

Think motherhood is hard? Try doing it solo. And in Hollywood, single moms are a dime a dozen. Let us show you our list of all the ladies who make multitasking look easy ... Minnie DriverCelebritot: HenryMinnie waited until she was in her late 30s to have Henry, whose father she's never revealed, but will there be more babies in her future? "Growing up, I thought I'd have at least five kids," she told U.K.'s The Times Online in 2010. "I'm surprised I have only one; I really want more. It was never my intention to leave it until I was in my late 30s, but it was never the right time, right place or right person. Too many women put it off until everything is in place, but there's never a perfect time, is there?"
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