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Hot & Dirty: Stars We Like Better Grimy

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By Martha BrockenbroughSpecial to MSN EntertainmentWe love red-carpet glam as much as the next lunatic fan, but here's a dirty little secret: There are some celebrities we prefer ... dirty. That's right, dirty. With greasy hair, sweaty pits and clothes that look as though they could be plowed and planted. Maybe this would change if we had to share the same subway strap on a hot day. Eau reeka isn't our favorite scent, even spritzed on a looker as lovely as George Clooney (who, for the record, we prefer scrubbed and tuxedoed). But that's a non-issue. After all, we'll never be in the same room as Ralph Fiennes, Johnny Depp or Viggo Mortensen, who is so far superior when dirty that we've dubbed him "The Godfather of Grime." So why not dream a little dream of dirt?
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