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Hunting for Pixar's Easter eggs

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A dozen of our favorite hidden images, from the Pizza Planet truck to the Luxo ballBy Mary PolsSpecial to MSN MoviesAfter the sugar rush on Easter morning comes the sugar crash, the point when many parents put in a movie and retire to the other room with some surreptitiously acquired jellybeans (only the licorice. Scout's honor.). To foster family closeness, we have a suggestion instead for a second Easter egg hunt, one where the whole family tries to catch the secret cinematic references in children's movies. These are little nods to the past (or the future). For instance, you might have watched Pixar's "Up" a half a dozen times, but did you know that a key character from "Toy Story 3," in production at the time of the release of "Up" but not yet released, is tucked into the bottom of one of its frames? Here are a dozen of our favorite movie Easter eggs. And, yes, we know that for some movie buffs, the term "Easter egg" pertains only to the extra bits of trivia and such found on DVDs. But we prefer the term for hidden-in-plain-sight references, which please us almost as much as finding a real egg on Easter morning. They rank from easiest to find to hardest. So get your egg-hunting binoculars, or whatever you may need ready and start hunting! Can you find all dozen eggs?Bing: More about Pixar's Easter eggs | More about 'Up'What's your favorite Pixar Easter egg? Tell us on our MSN Movies Facebook and Twitter pages.(Disney/Pixar)
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