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I Can't Believe Who They Cast

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Tyler Perry's casting as Alex Cross is the latest controversial casting decision from Hollywood By David WalkerSpecial to MSN MoviesIt is inevitable — the moment a popular book is turned into a film and actors are cast, the uproar from fans begins, with the all-too familiar battle cries of the most dedicated fans, "I can't believe who they cast," and "That person is totally wrong for that part!" These hyperbolic proclamations start before the contracts are signed or filming begins, and in some cases continue on years after a movie has been released. The most recent case of "I can't believe who they cast" — and one that may go down in film history as an all-time terrible casting decision — is Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross," the new attempt to bring James Patterson's popular detective/psychologist to the big screen. Perry, who is best known for donning a fat-suit and dressing as an old woman in his popular "Madea" films, seems like the worst possible choice to play the resourcefully rugged character that has appeared in Patterson's 18 novels. Still, the true test remains at the box office, where even the most seemingly idiotic casting choices can become validated if the movie is good enough (or if enough people simply shell out money to see it). With that in mind, here is a look at some of the more hotly discussed and unlikely character castings of all time — both successes and failures. Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross"It is still too soon to tell if Tyler Perry as Alex Cross was a bad idea or not—but it's not like that many people were clamoring to see him slip out of the fat suit and into the role of the action hero. In a non-drag role, Perry is largely untested, and as an action hero he has no experience at all. In retrospect, Morgan Freeman, who was miscast in two earlier Alex Cross adventures, "Kiss the Girls" and "Along Came a Spider," seems like a better casting decision than Perry, and in the end may prove to be the better of two bad choices. "Alex Cross" is out in theaters October 19.Bing:'Alex Cross'For more movie news, follow MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter. (Tyler Perry in "Alex Cross"/Summit Entertainment)
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