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I want out!

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These psychologically intense films feature characters struggling to escape life-threatening situations.By Bryan ReesmanSpecial to MSN MoviesWhat intrigues us about psychologically intense films where people are trapped in precarious, life-threatening situations? You'd think there might be more relaxing scenarios to watch, but in the same visceral way that horror movies freak us out or action movies get our adrenaline pumping, breakout movies keep us tense and edgy while we hope, often in vain, for relief to arrive if and when our heroes finally escape. Perhaps it is a way for us to unconsciously cope with our own personal fears of entrapment, whatever they may be. The new Sylvester Stallone-Arnold Schwarzenegger team-up "Escape Plan" continues this tradition as two prisoners, one the architect of the high-tech jail they are incarcerated in, plan to do the seemingly impossible and break free. Here are 11 other movies where people try to get out of dire situations in places ranging from prisons to cities to the sea. (Yes, we're stretching the concept a bit.) These waking nightmares might just keep you up at night pondering, "What if?"Bing:More about Sylvester Stallone | More on Arnold SchwarzeneggerWant more Movies? Be sure to follow MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter"Escape Plan" is out in theaters Oct. 18.("Escape Plan"/Summit Entertainment, LLC) 
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