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Imagined Conversations: Our Best Guess at What They're Saying

By Michael Mullen Slide 1 of 12

Celebs are masters at plastering on grins and gushing PR-approved talking points. But what are they really thinking? And what are they saying when the mics aren't hot? We at Wonderwall put on our tinfoil hats and tuned in to some raw, unedited, unexpurgated celeb banter. (By which we mean, we looked at these photos and made some stuff up that we hope is funny. So, please, click through and enjoy!) Andrew Garfield: These movie kisses are tough.Emma Stone: I'm trying my best here, it's not my fault we have zero chemistry.Andrew Garfield: No offense, but, but kissing you is like ... like kissing a large, very pale fish. Like an albino trout.Emma Stone: Yeah, I hear that a lot. And I feel the same about you.Andrew Garfield: Let's get this in one take.
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