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It's not easy being a girl

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10 high school movies about how hard being a teen girl can be By Kate ErblandSpecial to MSN MoviesWhile we may not exactly need movies to remind us that high school can be a terrible time for all teenagers (especially girls), it certainly doesn't hurt to watch big screen stars go through the same sort of ringer that whole chunks of the population endure every day in the name of higher learning. High school is a minefield, and even if a teen heroine can navigate crushes, cliques, and cafeteria food, modern day cinema is packed with plenty of other problems to keep prom queens and wallflowers equally as busy and entertaining. From telepathy to witchcraft to vampires to organized murder to absolutely everything in between, there's scarcely a scary happening that hasn't yet gotten its own big screen treatment (complete with a high school setting to make it even more terrifying). With the latest incarnation of "Carrie" hitting theaters this month, it's time to explore some of the most horrifying high school-set movies about teen scream heroines ever committed to celluloid (and, don't be too afraid, we've included a few lighter offerings to keep things fun). Teenagehood is hard enough, but these ten movies prove just how hard growing up can really be, especially for girls with certain powers and influences far outside (normal) control. For more movie news, follow MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter.
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