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Jason Priestley doesn't 'judge' Tori Spelling for selling his wedding invitation

6/12/2014 USMagazine


Jason Priestley's stories about former "Beverly Hills, 90210" costar Tori Spelling could fill a book -- or, at the very least, a few chapters in his new memoir. One passage, in particular, has been making headlines since it appeared in the May 12 issue of Us Weekly.

The excerpt in question -- from "Jason Priestley: A Memoir," out now -- detailed how the actor, now 44, found out that Spelling, 40, had sold the invitation from his wedding to Naomi Lowde-Priestley. (Priestley has been married twice, to Ashlee Petersen from 1999 to 2000, and to Lowde-Priestley since 2005.)

"Tori Spelling's yard sale made the broadcast that night...I saw my very own wedding invitation on screen," the actor recalled in his book. "Apparently, it had gone for five bucks, including a personal autograph by Tori. She sold my wedding invitation to a stranger."

Priestley explained that passage in an interview with "Access Hollywood" on May 6, saying he wasn't trying to take aim at his former costar. "I don't judge Tori for what she did. I sent Tori that invitation and she can do with it what she wants," he clarified. "All I said in the book is how that made me feel."

"I know there were a lot of salacious headlines about, you know, 'Priestley lashes out at Tori!' I would never lash out at Tori for that," he continued. "Tori's a big girl and she can do whatever she wants. Of course, to me, she'll always be a kid, because she was 17 years old when I met her, so when I talk about her, I say, 'Oh, she's a kid. She's a sweet kid, and I loved that kid.'"

In fact, the former '90s heartthrob has great affection for all of his costars on the Aaron Spelling smash. Asked whether he'd ever consider doing a reunion, he replied, "Look, you know, I love all those guys. And we're all friendly with each other and we all have the utmost respect and admiration for each other and we all spend a lot of time together. And, I mean, if the right project came to all of us, I'm sure we would all do it because we're all friends with each other, so sure."


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