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Jay-Z and Beyonce: Romance Retrospective

By Jon Warech Slide 1 of 15

Did you know that the number four is pretty important to Beyonce and Jay-Z. They were married on 4/4, she was born on Sept. 4 and he on Dec. 4, and their daughter, Blue Ivy, got her middle name after IV -- the Roman numeral for four. Want to know more about Bey and J? Keep clicking for a look back at the power couple's romance ...RELATED:Hollywood's Most Private CouplesThe Magic of MusicWhile rumors started flying that Jay-Z and Beyonce were a couple at the end of 2002, it was all business at first for the hip-hop power couple. Their first real appearance together was on MTV's "TRL" to promote "'03 Bonnie & Clyde," their first hit collaboration. Secretive from day one, they made no mention of a relationship, but continued to make sweet music together with her 2003 hit "Crazy in Love."
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