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Jennifer Lopez gets a mani every day, plus more proof that stars are nothing like us

By Gena Oppenheim Slide 1 of 9

Wouldn't it be great if we could all live as lavishly as stars do with on-call manicurists, custom Mongolian horse-hair beds and $80,000 party favors? Umm, yes! But since most of us normal folk live down here on plain old Earth, the best we can do is keep dreaming and click through examples of why stars are nothing like us. They have a manicurist waiting to coordinate their nails to their outfits every dayMost of us are lucky if we can make it to the nail salon once a week. But Jennifer Lopez's manicurist told E! Online that she paints the "American Idol" judge's pretty paws every day to match her outfits for the show. Only in our dreams …
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