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'Jobs' and great inventors and entrepreneurs on film

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As Ashton Kutcher's portrays Steve Jobs, we remember other real-life visionaries depicted on filmBy Glenn Kenny Special to MSN MoviesLove him or hate him, everyone agrees that the late Steve Jobs was a genuine visionary -- what they call a "game changer" in the reductive world of discourse nowadays. His unique ability to harness high tech wizardry to create the next electronic commodity the world thinks it can't live without is fascinating; whether the upcoming biopic "Jobs" will effectively convey this is still anybody's guess. In the meantime we've compiled a gallery of compelling cinematic depictions of real-life tech visionaries -- some better at the business side of the game than others.Bing: More about Ashton Kutcher | More on 'Jobs'Want more Movies? Be sure to like MSN Movies on Facebook and follow MSN Movies Twitter.('Jobs'/Open Road Films)
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