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'Jobs' and our favorite movie geek gods

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Brainy heroes and nerd icons of the big screenBy Sean AxmakerSpecial to MSN MoviesIt seems like all of our movie heroes are defined by only physical prowess or courage in battle. Even in science fiction movies, out heroes tend to be the men of action rather than the thinkers and scientists: Bruce Willis rather than Stephen Hawking. What's a nerd to do?"JOBS," the new film starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs -- the Apple computer guru who turned computers into a home appliance, reimagined the phone as a "Star Trek" communicator, and changed the way we interact with movies and music and all forms of media -- reminds us that the real game-changers in history are the thinkers, the inventors, the visionaries who change lives with their creations. Steve Jobs is not necessarily a hero for our age, but there is something satisfying in celebrating smarts and creativity over brawn and speed. Here are our favorite nerd heroes. Smart may not always be sexy, but these guys -- both fictional and real -- wear their nerd credentials proudly and sometimes even make it cool to be uncool. This is our dream-team geek squad. Bing: More about Ashton Kutcher | More on 'JOBS'Watch trailer: 'JOBS'Want more Movies? Be sure to like MSN Movies on Facebook and follow MSN Movies on Twitter.'Jobs' is out in theaters Aug. 16.(Open Road Films)
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