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John Mayer and Katy Perry are still a thing, and he's on his best behavior

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Have our expectations for John Mayer sunk so perilously low that we now praise him for maintaining the very minimum of decent human behavior? The New York Post asks if Katy Perry has "tamed [the] infamous ladies' man," all because he didn't avail himself of other women when presented with the opportunity.Seems that after performing at a benefit concert in Manhattan last Thursday, he hit up an estrogen-packed restaurant with some pals."John was at a table with friends at Cafe Luxembourg after the show, and a line of girls kept coming up to him," relays the spy. "He was clearly not available. It seemed like the opposite of the way he's been in the past, like he's really settled down."At one point, adds the source, he was approached by a "particularly stunning fan," but when he couldn't tear his eyes from his phone, she asked, "Are you talking to Katy?" before slinking away. Hmmm, fine line between "settling down" and being rude to people, but moving on ...Mayer and Perry, who began their fickle romance over the summer, reportedly rendezvoused Sunday in Malibu, and the London Sun has a funny little story that is probably a work of fiction but is entertaining nonetheless.According to the tab, the popster was dining with the crooner at The Polo Lounge in Beverly Hills when her ex-husband, Russell Brand, strolled in, presumably wafting a cloud of patchouli and leg warmer sweat behind him. "As soon as Katy saw Russell, she hid under the table," alleges a source. "When he was directed to one far away, she emerged. John threw some money on the table, and they headed to the back door and their waiting car."Brand supposedly remained oblivious, says the spy, "but everyone in the restaurant saw what happened."Again, take it with a boulder of salt, but maybe Perry will get a song out of it (imagined lyrics: "When I saw you walk in/I went into a spin/Landed on the floor/I can't do this anymore"). OK, maybe not, but click on for more photos of John and Katy together ...
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