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Justin Bieber Defends Himself On Twitter: 'Don't Believe Rumors'


Pop singer Justin Bieber, who was recently accused of attempted robbery, has taken to Twitter to defend himself and his character.

The 20-year-old Never Say Never singer had been silent about the accusations, which were made by a woman who claimed Bieber had attempted to forcibly take her phone at the Sherman Oaks Castle Park, in the San Fernando Valley, before eventually returning it.

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The pop megastar spoke directly to his nearly 52 million Twitter followers, where he denied the rumors of the alleged crime, and explained the challenges of defending himself from gossip on a daily basis.

Bieber argued that the claims made by the woman are false, and that he is a good person. He also thanked his fans and those who stood by him in trying times.

Bieber concluded the series of tweets by assuring everyone that he is going to be able to deal with the new legal drama, and assures is fans that he has "thick skin" and "can handle it."

News broke Tuesday evening that Bieber had been accused of attempted robbery, and that the claims were being investigated by the LAPD Robbery-Homicide Division. The police conducted an interview with the woman who made the accusation, but no arrest has been made and Bieber is not in police custody.

The incident allegedly occurred Monday evening at approximately at 10:30pm, however police did not receive a complaint until Tuesday. The LAPD has not officially released any additional information.

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This is one of a number of legal encounters Bieber has faced recently, including an arrest in January for driving under the influence in Miami, as well as being charged with assault for allegedly hitting his limo driver in Toronto, and being accused of felony vandalism for allegedly egging his neighbor's house.

ET will continue to follow this story as it develops.

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