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Kanye apparently wants to marry Kim in non-cheesy, 'over-the-top' ceremony

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The last time Kim Kardashian vowed to stick with someone until they both dropped dead, things didn't work out so well, other than the millions she pocketed for her trouble. But will that deter her from embarking on a knot-tying spectacle with Kanye West? Not according to Us Weekly (via the Daily Mail), which says the parents of 7-week-old North West are contemplating a destination wedding, although they have different ideas of what that might entail."[Kanye] has told his friends and family that he was going to wife her since the day they met," says an insider who needs to stop using "wife" as a verb, "and he is determined to do it." But after her ridiculously extravagant, E!-subsidized "I dos" with big galoot Kris Humphries, the twice-divorced starlet supposedly prefers a lower-key affair (perhaps on an island) with just a few dozen guests.Yeezy, on the other hand, reportedly has his heart set on a blowout celebration in Paris, where he recorded his latest album."Kanye has never been married before and wants a big wedding," adds the source. "So Kim is getting used to the idea again."Not surprisingly, he wants "something really cool and big and over-the-top." Just not over-the-top like Kim's doomed-from-the-start second wedding."It won't be cheesy," explains a spy. "There will be a real sense of design." And if camera-hating Kanye gets his way, it also won't be for public consumption.As for the would-be bride, she wants to hold off on climbing into a wedding dress until she can fit into "a size 2," a snitch tells the mag: "Kim doesn't want to get married until her body is sick."Meanwhile, the still under-wraps North has already worked her poopy-diapered magic on Kimye."The baby has solidified their relationship. They're doing really well," gushes a Kim confidant. "[Kanye] has matured and grown a lot very quickly. He seems as lot more at peace. It's cool to see him so happy and calmed down. He's a natural father."And Kim is a natural self-promoter. Read on to see her latest PR tease ...
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