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Kelly Osbourne: 'I never want to take my good health for granted'

By Katie Mathewson Slide 1 of 6

When you're a host on "Fashion Police," you have to tell it like it is. Kelly Osbourne is good at being blunt, but the 28-year-old has no problem being honest with herself, either. In a candid interview with Self, Kelly opens up about how she lost 70 pounds, what that means for her state of mind and what she's learned from all the sweat and tears.RELATED:Read Kelly's full interview hereOn how her body image has changed:"I'm the most secure and content I've ever been. Though I'm still very self-deprecating -- I look in the mirror sometimes and I feel like going back to bed. Everyone has good days, everyone has bad days. I call myself a former fat person, and when you're an FFP, you still see yourself as the person you used to be. That's something I'm genuinely working on all the time."Keep clicking for more photos and quotes from Kelly's Self cover story ...
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