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Khloe and Lamar have 'happy,' chatty reunion at Kanye concert

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Kanye West isn't just a creative genius -- he's a romantic one, too. When he's not begging Kim Kardashian to "PLEEEASE MARRY MEEE!" via Jumbotron, he's bringing estranged couples back together, at least for a night.Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom reunited on Monday at Yeezy's concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles."Lamar walked into the arena to huge cheers," a spy tells People. "He came in with Khloe, Kris [Jenner], and the whole crew, Kim included." This is the second time the troubled pair have stepped out together in recent weeks. They've reportedly been living apart for months amid rampant divorce rumors ostensibly caused by the NBA player's alleged substance abuse issues and wandering eye."Lamar sat next to Khloe in the VIP section. He was smiling and talking to her," adds the source. "They seemed so happy to be out together, and both said 'hi' to friends around them." And not unlike Luca Brasi paying his respects to Don Corleone, Odom wisely sought out the family's matriarch. "[Lamar] got up at one point and hugged Kris, who embraced him with open arms and a big smile," relays the snitch, who says after Odom made the social rounds, he returned to his wife of four years. "[They were] talking and smiling as Khloe played with her hair. Lamar's gaze was fixed on her. They were in conversation like two old friends catching up. They seemed to have a lot to say."But their amiable night out doesn't mean a reunion is in the works."The family is supporting his recovery so they wanted to invite him [to the show]," explains a family insider. "But he and Khloe aren't back together."Still, there are positive signs. Click on for more ...
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