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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to marry at the Palace of Versailles?

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It's not like we didn't have any warning. Months before Kanye West got down on bended knee and asked Kim Kardashian to marry him with help from a diamond doorknob, a Jumbo-tron and a 50-piece orchestra, he was rumored to want an "over-the-top" wedding. And -- shocker -- it looks like he's going to get his way.Just days after he declared 6-month-old daughter North "a level of royalty like the prince and princess in London," Kanye is planning to tie the knot with the twice-divorced Kim at the Palace of Versailles in France, reports Us Weekly."Kanye has never been married and wants a big [wedding]," explains a source, with another adding, "They are not working with a budget. He says this is his moment, marrying his ideal woman."Perhaps they'll use some of the cash Yeezy clearly didn't spend while filming his cheese-tastic "Bound 2" video with his future missus. That should buy plenty of fighter jets.That Kanye would want to marry at a place that redefined opulence and excess is hardly surprising. We can only assume that former Versailles resident Marie Antoinette, who once apocryphally suggested that the peasants eat cake, would approve of the ego-driven rapper, who has urged his minions in song, "Hurry up with my damn croissants." This wedding location is kismet, people.Alas, Gossip Cop throws cold water on the Versailles report, quoting a Kardashian inside as saying it's completely false: "They haven't picked a location, date or wedding planner yet."Kim, for her part, hasn't had much luck with obscenely ostentatious nuptials. Her $10 million, E!-sponsored aisle-walk with Kris Humphries in 2011 lasted just 72 days, although, granted, the basketball player didn't have Kanye's way with words.West recently called Kardashian "the most beautiful woman of all time! I'm talkin', like, arguably of human existence -- the top 10 of human existence." Track the love story of Kanye and his modern-day Helen of Troy by clicking on …
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