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"Les Misérables" is going to be epic

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Why this movie musical deserves all the hype and the accolades it's getting By Myriam Gabriel-Pollock for MSN Movies"Les Misérables," the musical adaptation of Victor Hugo's renowned novel, will move from stage to film on Christmas Day 2012. For those who have faithfully followed this musical since its inception over 25 years ago, it is a fully-realized dream to have talented actors in rich, authentic settings portraying Hugo's vastly tragic story on the big screen. The film version of "Les Miz" features the beautifully crafted music and lyrics created for the stage show of one of the most beloved musicals in the world. Since it opened in London's West End in 1985, and then on Broadway in 1987, "Les Miz" has had over 10,000 performances in London and over 7,100 on Broadway. With the additional performances of the countless regional, national and international touring productions, millions of theatergoers have now experienced the artistic and emotional richness that is "Les Miz." The London production has actually run continuously since it kicked off in October, 1985. With director Tom Hooper, who won an Oscar for "The King's Speech" (2010), and producer Cameron Mackintosh, whose list of successful theatrical musicals is unrivaled, "Les Miz" surely has the "dream team" for musical cinema. The cast Hooper and Mackintosh have assembled is stellar, known not only for their acting skills but their singing talents as well. A lot is riding on the success of "Les Misérables," and like so many fans, I am certainly rooting for it with all my heart. Here's why it's going to make its mark on movie history. "Les Misérables" opens on Christmas Day.Bing:Watch a trailer for 'Les Misérables | See images from the movieAre you excited to see Les Misérables? Tell us on MSN Movies on Facebook and Twitter.(Universal Pictures)
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