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Lindsay achieves groupie status, reportedly sells off designer duds

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 12

No one will ever accuse Lindsay Lohan of having her priorities in order. With her bank accounts frozen by the IRS and an extended stay in the pokey a real possibility, thanks to her June car crash and Nov. 29 nightclub arrest, the supposedly vodka-swilling starlet, 26, appears to be spending her time chasing after a boy. Specifically, she has her eye on Max George from the Wanted. Word is, the pair were hanging out before she allegedly clocked that psychic at a New York hot spot last week, and yet, for some reason, the rocker hasn't run screaming in the opposite direction.On Thursday night, Lohan, a pack of Parliaments in her nicotine-stained hands, was photographed with George and his bandmate, Tom Parker, backstage at their Boston gig (photo at left). Both look thrilled by her chatter. A day earlier, Lindsay turned up at their Philadelphia show.According to TMZ, LiLo hitched a ride to Beantown from New York on the band's deluxe tour bus, attaining the rarefied status as "Max's guest." George, 24, who broke off his engagement to British actress Michelle Keegan earlier this year, "doesn't want a girlfriend and is a single guy," explains a source. "But [he] doesn't mind having Lindsay around."Just what every girl lacking in self-esteem, self-purpose and self-awareness longs to hear.Meanwhile, with Lohan's cash flow at a standstill thanks to Uncle Sam, has she resorted to drastic measures to make some money? Click on for the story ...
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