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Lindsay Lohan too sick to make court date?

By Kat Giantis Slide 1 of 6

In a recent New York Times piece detailing Lindsay Lohan's bad behavior during production of "The Canyons," director Paul Schrader becomes exasperated when, after a late night with Lady Gaga, his leading lady claims she's too sick to work. A medical professional backs her up, diagnosing an inner-ear infection. "That's her doctor," scoffs the filmmaker. "He'll say whatever she wants." Cut to now, and TMZ reports Lohan is citing illness as the reason she plans to be a no-show for a required court appearance on Wednesday in Los Angeles. She's facing three misdemeanor counts stemming from a highway crash last June, which could violate the probation terms of her 2011 jewelry theft conviction. In all, she's facing the possibility of 245 days in the pokey.Lindsay's new lawyer, Mark Heller, reportedly submitted paperwork to the judge claiming she's too sick to fly from New York to Los Angeles, contending she's suffering from an upper respiratory infection, as diagnosed by a Park Avenue doctor. Heller's documentation also included a New York Post article on Manhattan's flu epidemic.Here's the thing: According to TMZ, the doctor examined Lindsay on Saturday, the same day the cash-strapped starlet was photographed out on a "marathon spending spree" in Soho with her acquaintance, moneybags hotelier Vikram Chatwal. What's more, the two were snapped smoking on the sidewalk, a no-no for someone with an upper respiratory infection (then again, Lindsay doesn't strike us as the type to follow a doctor's orders to the letter).If Judge Stephanie Sautner doesn't accept the medical excuse, she could apparently issue a warrant for Lohan's arrest. Sautner, you'll recall, was the same judge who last year warned Lindsay to "live your life in a more mature way, stop the nightclubbing and focus on your work." Click on for a look back at Lindsay's ever-growing mug shot gallery ...
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