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'Melancholia' Stills

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Actress Is there an actress in this category unworthy of the attention? I think not. Meryl Streep's nod for "The Iron Lady" may have been inevitable, but that's not to say undeserving, and Rooney Mara a welcome surprise in a career-making turn as the coolly ferocious and fiercely focused girl in the "Dragon Tattoo" remake, just to cite two. Yet it was a superb year for good roles and great performances by actresses. Inevitably left behind in this embarrassment of riches are Tilda Swinton's guilt-ravaged mother in "We Need to Talk About Kevin," Kirsten Dunst's portrait of crippling depression and resignation in "Melancholia," Charlize Theron's hilariously deluded and blithely alcoholic "Young Adult" and Mia Wasikowska's fiercely self-possessed "Jane Eyre." But I honestly cannot think of a richer, more nuanced, more immediate performance than Juliette Binoche in Abbas Kiarostami's "Certified Copy." She takes her single-mother from first date to a twentieth wedding anniversary in a single afternoon without dropping a step in the dance of life. (Magnolia Films)
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